n-Track Studio 7.0.3 Beta, Mac 2.1.3 Beta Released

New Features and some Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio 7.0.3 Beta and n-Track for Mac 2.1.3 Beta Released,

Support for multiple pan-laws. Default pan law is now “equal-power” [New Feature]
Option to pan stereo tracks independently (i.e. route right channel to left channel etc.) [New Feature]
Audio input configuration (which audio input goes to which track) is now restored when reloading a song [New Feature]
Screen MIDI keyboard window [New Feature]
Metronome now uses built-in synth instead of using n-Track Drums, avoids adding unwanted instrument channels in the mixer [New Feature]
Fixed sync problems when switching n-Track Drums patterns via MIDI events [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash when loading a song file with one or more plugins not currently installed on Mac 64 bit version [Bug fix]
Fixed parameter sliders not working for nEfx effects [Bug fix]


I’m looking forward to trying these new features,(which were requested as a feature request) on my next album. The panning features should reduce the number of tracks I make considerably and with that, reduced resources over all as well. Thanks Flavio.