n-Track Studio 7.0.3 Beta/Mac 2.1.3 v3090 Released

A Few Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio 7.0.3 Beta and n-Track for Mac 2.1.3 Beta Build 3090 Released,

Fixed recording to new track not working when no track is armed [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash in nEfx Reverb when using “64 bit mixing” option [Bug Fix]
Fixed problem with vertical scroll-bar in pianoroll window [Bug Fix]


Why is this classified as a bata when it isa bug fix?


I thought the newer versions were always beta… :cool:

Actually, technically, it is a beta because there were features added just before this fix. My problem with current betas is that they expire very quickly and I don’t like to depend on them when I have a project going. So, I did not notice the added features/beta before this build. HOWEVER, my problem is that I cannot get the non-beta version, build 5052, to load and arm track automatically. I have been having issues with the changes to the way new tracks for recording work.
For years all I had to do to record to multiple tracks was load the drivers in Settings >Audio. Then select the track to record with the Setting Icon under record or play. The empty tracks would appear on the screen and I pressed record.
Now, the tracks do not appear until After I have record, And Often those tracks are empty.
So, I guess I have two questions: Does build 2052 non-beta version 7.2 record correctly?
What are the steps to Record to multiple tracks?

The new build 3092 more than fixed the problems. :;):