n-Track Studio 7.0.3 Beta/Mac 2.1.3 v3098 Released

A New Feature and some Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio 7.0.3 Beta/Mac 2.1.3 v3097 Released

Fixed exported MIDI files sometimes not readable by other sequencers [Bug Fix]
Fixed tempo information ignored when importing MIDI files with tempo information on track 1 instead of 0 [Bug Fix]
Fixed changing sampling frequency in Settings and answering Yes when n-Track asks to convert s. frequency of audio files would result in tracks playing at wrong speed until the song was closed and reopened [Bug Fix]
Fixed ReWire not working in latest 7.0.3 builds [Bug Fix]
Fixed right click -> Lock part command not working for MIDI parts [Bug Fix]
Metronome allows changing click sounds and volume [New Feature]