n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3278 Released

A Few Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3278 Released,

Fixed rare crash closing a song after deleting one or more VST plugins [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash pasting and appending (Ctrl+Shift+V) when no destination track was selected [Bug Fix]


what is it with this mysterious 3278 release? i have it, but the most recent version now on download page is 3277 [nov '14], and that’s as far as the build history goes too. is it a recall or beta? i avoid beta’s so should i remove it and put 3277 on?

All beta’s eventually expire. n-Track 7 is now no longer being updated, I believe it’s last non-beta is v3277, I can’t be sure about it. The only way is to install it or leave a PM for Flavio and I’m sure he’ll tell you which version of n-Track 7 was the last full release.