N-Track Studio 7

Something Wrong

I downloaded the trial version of
n-track studio 7 and it crashed. Norton found a bug!
Flavio, I am a customer with some feedback concerning Norton and N-Track Studio 7! The two of
them are not compatible!

Simply put the problem is with Norton. It thinks that n-Track is a virus or malware, which is absolutely not the case. This is called ‘false-positive’, and unfortunately happens quite often with anti-virus/malware software.
We regularly scan the program for viruses, and no other antivirus is having similar problems. We have repeatedly contacted Symantec (the maker of Norton) to ask them to address the problem. They said they were going to add n-Track to their white-list in their next update. A workaround is to disable Norton when you want to start n-Track.

You may also want to contact Norton support, which may expedite their response to eliminate the warning in their next update.
You can report the false-positive here:


Kick ass, support. :agree:

If you will watch for it, Norton will put up a small box ( mine comes up in the right hand lower corner). It has a red X and says that Norton has saved you from a deadly virus. It has not, it has just “quarteened” the vstscan32 file that N-Track uses. If you click on the box ( not the red X) it bring up another screen; at the bottom of the screen in small letters is the notation “Options” Click on this and tell Norton to restore the file and put it on the safe list. BE AWARE - if you load N-track again (up date), Norton will again remove the vstscan file even though it promised not too!

A more virulent virus than home recording software has yet to be invented or discovered. :laugh:

TomS, you may very well speak the truth! However, a trip to the computer store shows me a selection of 2500 different programs to “protect” me from computer virus. Norton as a leader in the industry has been the first to recogize the need to protect us from audio recording software. I feel so much better now knowing that between government and Norton my life can now be kept safe. Ever try to get rid of Norton? Not for the faint of heart . . .

And Tom - that is indeed a handsome picture of you!