n-Track Studio 8.1.3 Released

Non Beta Release.

n-Track Studio 8.1.3 Released,

Summary of changes from v8.1.2 to v8.1.3:
Added instrument browser for quickly browsing and adding virtual instruments: click a MIDI channel output to open the window and browse instruments [New feature]
Added Add-on Manager window to install extra sound content like drum kits and virtual instruments [New feature]
Added login with Facebook and Google+: purchase and activate your copy of n-Track Studio or any add-on using your Facebook or Google+ account [New feature]
Redesigned launch menu with easy access to recent projects [Improvement]
Fixed mixdown window remains displayed during online mixdown [Bug fix]
Fixed download from Songtree Community of files with name containing not allowed chars[Bug fix]
Various UI improvements [Improvement]
Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes [Bug fix]