n-Track Studio and Premier Elements 2

Premier Elements 2 Won’t Load

I have been using Premier Elements 2 on my HP computer running XP without any problems. When I install n-Track Studio, Premier will show it’s splash screen as the modules load and then the splash screen will disappear and loading will cease. I have checked with the Adobe Premier 2 forum and they say this is frequently caused by sound card settings being changed. My settings seem to be the same before and after n-Track is installed. Premier will load properly if I uninstall n-Track.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Wayne

Hmmmm, now I’m glad I didn’t go with Elements.

I just completed a video project for my son’s robot club (won a regional award, too!) using “Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD Architect” (about $90) and it works perfectly with N-Track…

So, what kind of settings dont must be changed according to the forum you mentioned?
What drivers are you using, ASIO or WDM?