n-Track Studio Build 2636 Released (Windows+Mac)

EQ, Track Send, Tuner, Volume Value

n-Track Studio Build 2636 Released (Windows+Mac),

Fixed empty text in ParametricEQ plugin right click context menu [Bug Fix]
Mac: Fixed crash adding track send clicking on + button on track mixer strip, then moving mouse away from mixer window [Bug Fix]
Windows: Fixed guitar tuner text layout [Bug Fix]
Windows: Fixed crash on Windows XP when manually entering volume value [Bug Fix]


I am trying to get nTrack for MAC working on my iMAC (OSX 10.6.4) but it does not at all behave well. Frequent crashes, no sound, no connection to my MIDI, only sometimes sound in or out (but only in a strange high pitch). Basically nothing works. I must assume you have the MAC version running somewhere and a bit better then what I see. I have a Presonus FireBox which works fine with GarageBand for example. Using build 2636 on extended trial.

It would be nice to get it working…