N-Track Studio trivia question

A simple question about the icon

This is sort of a trivia question: The n-Track Studio 8 icon has a Cassette Tape with the word “sabo” on it. Where did it come from? Why is “sabo” on the Cassette? Was it Flavio’s old favorite on his old 4-track recorder at home? I understand the cassette, but I’ve never heard of Sabo? Is it an acronym?

I apologize if this has been answered before, and I apologize for taking up your time with a goofy question, but staring at “sabo” whenever I open my favorite DAW might help me be more creative if I knew the context. Thanks.

Good question :) It’s actually SA80. Cassettes models used to have two letters that described the tape technology (like normal, chrome and metal) and a two digit number describing the length in minutes. SA80 would mean an 80 minutes tape with ‘SA’ magnetic tape technology.


Cool answer! I used to use TDK-SA 90 tapes in my old Vestafire 4-Track recorder. Then in 1996, I replaced it with a little computer DAW known then as n-Track Studio version 2.14. It was unbelievably cool to be able to multitrack guitars, drums, vocals and whatever else on a computer instead of a tape recorder, and I have never been the same since! Thank you Flavio for taking home recording to the next level for all of us!