n-Track Studio v2515 Released

Voice level activate and 64 bit fixes.

n-Track Studio version 6.0.6 2515 Released

Notes: Fixed voice level activate recording not working correctly [Bug Fix]
Fixed 64 bit version freezing on first launch after installation when loading Demo song [Bug Fix]



Fixed voice level activate recording not working correctly

Any info on this feature? Like which version did this first appear? Any documentation?

I feel like I have a gun that has other triggers I don't know about.

There’s nothing in the manual about it. I’ve seen the option for for while, couldn’t say exactly when it was introduced. I assume it’s very much any other voiced activated feature you’ll find in most programs, like ventrilo. Once it detects data, it with start recording. Using a noise gate will ensure you don’t accidentally start a recording. I’m sure Flavio will do manual update in the future.


Flavio will add some information on this feature on the next build. I can report this so far.

It’s just a dialog box that basically stops the pauses the recording when the level is below a certain threshold and resumes when the level goes above the threshold. It may be useful for audio surveillance or when recording for many hours stuff like church services etc.