n-Track Studio v2520 Released

Updated online help / PDF manual

n-Track Studio version 6.0.6 2520 Released

Notes: Updated online help / PDF manual [Update]


Somewhere from build 2506, nTrack lost the ability to remember the track settings preset names and in 2518 midi files seem like fish on a hook again.
:disagree: He giveth he taketh away, Mercy Flavio!

It does and it doesn’t.
I opened an older song (couple months old) and the settings didn’t show a name so apparently the older settings will have to be renamed.

I did test in 2518, n does reopen with a name for the eq setting, if saved in the newer version.
That’s cool
I can also live with a little midi part add slackly feel :wink: So I’m wrong, sorry Flavio.
:agree: Ok, so your not the only ones wanting miracles! :laugh:

Another issue: The manual/help file opens with MS IE, I’m using another browser, is there a way to “preferred browser” setting anywhere?


I hope the new PDF manual will also make its way on Lulu.
I will most definitely buy the printed edition once it does.

This may be my first posting here. I’ve bought N-track more than a year ago, but stopped with my “music” (more “noise” :wink: )-making hobby shortly afterwards (no, that was not N-Track’s fault :wink: ). I am planning to picking it up and start using N-Track after all.