n-Track Studio v6.0.7 2527 Released

Effects browser, selected take lanes fix

n-Track Studio version 6.0.7 2527 Released


Fixed effects browser not refreshing correctly when docked, then closed and reopened [Bug Fix]
Fixed selected take lanes segments track information not saved into song file [Bug Fix]



Dunno 'bout the new feature/bugfixes, but opening some old songfiles still kills nTrack dead. Those songs were made before I rebuilt my computer, and were probably recorded with v4.
n-Track Surround Panner.dll is the only plugin showing any errors in vstdat.log, so could the crash be caused because of a missing plug-in and not an incompatible or badly installed one? I’ve sorted out the incompatibility problems I could find.
The program should not just die without giving any clues what
´s going on. This needs fixing, seriously.


I like the new effect box window but I can’t seem to get an effect to open. Nothing opens by double clicking and there is no right click options. Anyone know how?

Double click on the cardboard box icons to show the effects
Drag an effect to a track in the timeline or the track fx window in the main mixer. If you drag to the mixer , but not into the fx window- the plugin will be assigned to the wrong track.

Ok William thx :agree: