n-Track Studio v6.0.7 2528 Released

Changes from v6.0.6 to v6.0.7

n-Track Studio version 6.0.7 2528 Released


Effects Browser window, allows to drag and drop effects to tracks or effects box [New Feature]
Taskbar on Windows 7 shows Play and Rec icon indicators and progress indicator for long actions (mixdown, wave editing etc.) [New Feature]
Delete key deletes parts or tracks currently selected [New Feature]
Redesigned Effects List window buttons, “…” and “+” overlay buttons in mixer effects list to open Effects List box and Effects Browser [New Feature]
Sticky control in window caption for Effects Browser and Effects List box, when ‘not sticky’ window is closed when mouse is clicked away [New Feature]
New Fonts customization box [New Feature]
Fonts settings are now saved in the Skin settings [New Feature]
Fixed effects opened behind the mixer window [Bug Fix]
More flexible routing for group channels: a group channel’s output can go to a lower order group, e.g. Group 3 can output to Group 2 [New Feature]

Changes from 6.0.7 Beta Build 2525 to v6.0.7 Build 2528:
Fixed 64 bit version not being able to load songs saved with n-Track v4.x or earlier [Bug Fix]
Fixed dragging and dropping effect from Effects Browser may end up in wrong track if timeline window was partially covered [Bug Fix]
Effects Browser tooltips [Bug Fix]
Add New Send + button on mixer [Bug Fix]


The HITS just keep coming.
Great stuff.
I’m a big fan of the ‘delete key’ - that’s the one I use the most. :laugh:


Fixed effects opened behind the mixer window [Bug Fix]

Good, this is one thing I've wondered... where the effects go when opened.

The “future versions” page says that v6.0.7 will have something called a “New vocals processing effect”. Sounds interesting. Can’t find anything on that in the changelog, though (build 2528). Maybe it will come later?

Flavio (& all), I just wanted to say congratulations on the new release and thanks for keeping me on the email list about your achievements. I have used N-Track in the past since the beta versions back in 0.9 I think. Right now I’m not doing much with audio, but I have always loved your product and recommended it to others over the years. When I get back into doing audio work N-Track is what I will use. Good Job.