n-Track Studio v6.0.8 Build 2548 Released

Further updates

Hi I’m back,

A collection of updates since I’ve been gone.


n-Track Studio version 6.0.8 Build 2548 Released


Changes from v6.0.7 to v6.0.8 recap:
Spanish, German, French and Italian translations [New Feature]
Save as template: saves song removing all tracks parts [New Feature]
Envelopes editing improvements:
Shift+Click add new envelope node [New Feature]
Apply Envelope Edit to all selected tracks option, now disabled by default to avoid inadvertedly editing envelopes of other tracks [New Feature]
Vol/pan envelope name continues to appear when zooming in/moving right past the beginning of the song [New Feature]
Envelopes Settings box opens from Envelopes popup menu [New Feature]
Bug Fixes:
Fixed Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts sometimes triggering a reinstall of the program [Bug Fix]
Fixed Piano-roll not scrolling correctly when set to auto-scroll to follow playback cursor [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash closing Effects Browser on Windows 2000 [Bug Fix]
Fixed Effects -> Customize box not saving settings [Bug Fix]
Fixed renaming of plugins categories not working [Bug Fix]
Fixed incorrect progress indication when mixing down to mp3 [Bug Fix]
Fixed Tempo evolution window “draw tempo with line” not working, tempo list not updating after edits [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash when pasting an audio part into a MIDI track [Bug Fix]