n-Track Studio v6.0.9 Beta Build 2554 Released

New nVocal plugin, VST3 support and more

n-Track Studio version 6.0.9 Beta Build 2554 Released


New nVocal plugin [New Feature]
Support for Waves v7 VST and VST3 plugins [New Feature]
Fixed part not updating when holding Shift and selecting [Bug Fix]
When part is pasted it is unselected and un-grouped from parts with which the copied part was grouped [Bug Fix]
Fixed crash on Windows XP when “Disable icons in menus” Preferences/Appearance option is activated [Bug Fix]


nTrack is awsome Flavio! I didn’t get to try the new nVocal yet but liked everything else.
The saved presett’s didn’t show up in the track properties eq settings dialog box effects list.
But nTrack is sweet! :agree:

I don’t install beta versions, but what is this ‘nVocal’ plugin you speak of?

how is it different from adding effects?

Has Flavio fixed the invisible baseline yet?

And what’s the idea behind NVocal?

Avast, me hearties!
R At first glance it offers side chaining with different effect grouping options.
It also has a dozen or so presets in the drop down menu.
R tis Pretty cool.
Just open one tool to apply a bunch of different effects in various orders ex set tra.
The latest beta versions won’t hurt your comp or your projects, unless your comp is made of barrel oak.
If you do install a beta and open a current project immediately “save as a new name” me hearties, to keep the original intact.
But there again download and install at your own risk.
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R, nTrack me hearties!

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