n-Track Studio v6.0.9 Build 2604 Released (Win)

Sends to all aux, Sync with video.

n-Track Studio version 6.0.9 Build 2604 Released (Windows),

Sync with video Windows hides window title and controls bar in full-screen mode [New Feature]
Fixed when “New tracks have sends to all auxs” option is active loading a saved songs resets the tracks mixer sends settings [Bug Fix]



Good stuff. Thanks, Flavio.

Flavio & team, I wonder if in the next build you’d consider modifying it so that a Track’s Settings Window (the EQ & dynamics window) could stay open even with the Track Mixer Window is closed? That’s a feature I often find myself wishing NTrack offered.


Will this build add ability to recognize my M-audio Duo in Settings -> Audio Devices?


build 2604 is a Windows build. The next Mac build should be released within a few days and will add support for non-default & multichannel audio devices.


Oops. I should have noticed that. Thanks, Flavio.