n-Track Studio v6.1.2 Beta build 2715 Released

New Features, Improvments and Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v6.1.2 Beta build 2715 Released,

Drag and drop in effects list box allows to drag effects between channels (copy or move depending on wether Alt is pressed) [New Feature]
Support for hi-dpi/large fonts settings with Windows Vista and 7 [New Feature]
Fixed main tempo and bpm controls cut off when using Large fonts Windows setting [Bug Fix]
Fixed visual glitches with waveforms during recording to new take [Bug Fix]
Fixed pressing enter in track properties box didn’t apply settings until mouse was clicked elsewhere [Bug Fix]
Fixed inadvertently clicking of song speed slider would move the speed to 0.99 [Bug Fix]
Warning box when playback or mixdown started with song speed different than 1.0 [Improvement]
Fixed when changing current sampling frequency the length of MIDI parts would be altered (requiring to manually readjust the length) [Bug Fix]
Timestamp in npk file, fixes problem where .wav file date is set in the future because of problems with the system clock or time zone issues [New Feature]
No longer asks to delete .wav files from disk when deleting a track and the track was imported and not been recorded or created in that session [Bug Fix]
Fixed when dropping multiple .wav files from a folder depending sometimes all the files would end up overlapped on the same track [Bug Fix]
Fixed when changing sampling frequency in the Preferences box the speed of .wav files would not be automatically be adjusted until the song was reloaded, even if the “Resampled” sign correctly appeared [Bug Fix]
Fixed sometimes pressing Del key with multiple parts from multiple tracks selected, n-Track would prompt to delete all of a track parts instead of only the selected part [Bug Fix]