n-Track Studio v6.1 Build 2642 Released

Some Bug Fixes, Windows and Mac.

n-Track Studio v6.1 Build 2642 Released,

Fixed incorrect level meter and live input processing with Asio drivers on a 24 bit soundcard and setting the recorded file format to 16 or 32 bits [Bug Fix]
Fixed MIDI parts always used tempo corresponding to the start of the song instead of the tempo corresponding to their position in the song [Bug Fix]
Fixed track Surround settings box not appearing when right clicking on surround panner in track mixer stripe [Bug Fix]
Fixed timeline grid color depended on wether last part that was drawn was selected or not [Bug Fix]
Fixed select track active take doesn’t update waveform display [Bug Fix]
Mac: fixed toolbar buttons getting messed up after opening pianoroll window, then closing and reloading n-Track [Bug Fix]