n-Track Studio v6.1 Build 2652 Released

Song Comments box.

n-Track Studio v6.1 Build 2652 Released,

Fixed pressing Delete key in Song Comments box deletes currently selected track(s) (i.e. keyboard shortcut is now disabled when editing text) [Bug Fix]


AaHh AaHH… Unblown_Jonson… Do us a favor… Give it a try… Can You????


Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Nov. 08 2010, 11:08 AM)

Judging from most (~99,9% ?) of the 'n-Track Music Forum', seems a damn shame he fixed THAT bug. LOL


you are so funny UJ! you seem to have some sort of bug aswell!!


I’m sure Tina feels much better about herself now and not patronised in the slightest :laugh:

My twelve year old son reckons you’d be dead in ten minutes in his school playground :laugh:

Tony, on this side we teach our kids nonviolence. This explains much of our foreign policy over the last decade.

:laugh: You can't teach the jungle out the dwellers. I take my influences from the animal kingdom.

Ah. You are a rather civilized animal.

Aren’t they all? We’ve got a lot to learn;-)

oh, lots to learn, yes.

tick tock…

Anyway, FoockieCinger, when you gonna knock out another one o’ them Blur13/Punk styleee tracks, what you did a bit back that I can’t remember the title of and probably won’t get round to surfing for untill I’ve finished rebuilding this sodding machine?

Got me. I don’t remember much of anything I’ve ever recorded. Was intending to do some today, but found I had work to do. Who or what is blur13?


OH. You mean BLUR13.