n-Track Studio v6.1 Released

Changes from v6.0.9 to v6.1

n-Track Studio v6.1 Released,

n-Track Strings plugin [New Feature]
Source code in sync between Windows and Mac versions
Redesigned Preferences box [New Feature]
Decreased resource usage related to level meter windows [New Feature]
Redesigned icons for .sng, .sgw and .npk files


Seems like a very good version. I have one question though.
I don’t use and have never used synthesizers.
How do I make the N-track Strings work?
Do I need an external controller or some other hardware? There isn’t a lot of literature on this - in fact I couldn’t find anything on this to help me.


Nice Question… tulsa…

I’m in the same boat…
I have it loaded (b2637) on two machines now…
Vista on one machine and XP on the other…


Find and follow the nTrack Dums tutorial and substitute nStrings for nDrums. You can then use the piano roll to “play” the synth… either by using the piano keys for “realtime” play or by placing notes in the timeline. You could also use something like Bome’s Mouse Keyboard to play the synth.

On second thought…
Add Channel->Add New Instrument Channel->VSTi->nStrings
Add a new midi channel and get into the properties window. Change the channel to 16 and the Output port to “Instrument plug-in n-Track Strings”. Close the properties window.
You should then be able to open up the piano roll and start playing the synth. This has worked with most of the synths I have tried playing in nTrack.
As I mentioned before, you can use Bome’s Mouse Keyboard with this as well. If you haven’t used it before, Bome’s will allow you to convert your laptop/PC keyboard into a midi controller. If you go this route you’ll also need something like Midi Yoke which is fairly easy to install and get going.

thanks bbrown. That should get me going…