n-Track Studio v7.0.1 build 3010 Released

A Few Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v7.0.1 build 3010 Released,

Fixed looping section of the song sometimes resulted in noise [Bug Fix]
Fixed rare case where loop would get stuck in an incorrect portion of song [Bug Fix]
Fixed sometimes performing a selection on the Piano Roll time axis would result in the program freezing [Bug Fix]
Fixes sometimes MIDI tracks not playing when looping [Bug Fix]
Fixed when adding MIDI notes after the current end of a track the new notes would play until playback was rewinded [Bug Fix]
Fixed rare case where the Compressor plugin would corrupt the audio signal on stereo tracks after prolonged periods of silence [Bug Fix]


Does anyone no the channel that N trak listens to for the midi settings for drums, just down loaded the new version
didnt have this problem with previous version cheers