n-Track Studio v7.0.1 build 3011

A Bug Fix.

n-Track Studio v7.0.1 build 3011,

Fixed crash when editing in View -> Tempo window [Bug Fix]



maybe it will run for me now.

you know what always gets me on most of the lower CPU PC’s I try and run 6 or 7 on?

that silly pop up, I don’t know if it is a register prompt, a “tip” or what but I can rarely if ever get past it and start using the program.

is it possible to get OR me to make or save a version of 7 or 6 already registered before installation/setup?

if so I could save such a setting on a PC that v6, or v7 runs on that will not have that pop up on it and load it on my slower pc, maybe using a flash card or something.