n-Track Studio v7.0.1 Released

Non Beta Release. See Notes.

n-Track Studio v7.0.1 Released,

Summary of changes from v7.0.0 to v7.0.1: Overall improvements in performance, lower CPU usage, improved reliability when using small buffering / low latency [Performace]
Support for markers embedded in audio files:
- when importing an audio file with markers info n-Track asks if you want to load the markers as song markers [New Feature]
- Mixdown optionally saves song markers in mixdown .wav or .aif audio file [New Feature]
- Command to create audio file marker appears when right clicking on audio file when selection is empty (when selection is non-empty you can create a region) [New Feature]
Read/write audio file regions works on .aif files [New Feature]
Russian translation [Localization]
Optional graphics rendering using Direct2D for some user interface elements [New feature]
Surround panner module no longer requires to activate .Net support [Improvement]
Fixed unable to add more than 16 bridged plugins [Bug Fix]
Effects parameter automation works when plugins are bridged [Improvement]