n-Track Studio v7.0.2 Beta build 3030

New Features.

n-Track Studio v7.0.2 Beta build 3030,

Initial support for the Leap Controller [New Feature]
Hand gestures control playback, recording, stop, rewind
Hand movement controls the 3D spectrum view


Here’s a link to this new tech stuff “Leap Control”.


Interesting stuff.


I haven’t checked yet, but I wonder if this version will work with the hand gesture’s of Windows 8 or even Windows 7 and the Logitech Touchpad. I don’t have Windows 8 loaded right now ( just too much trouble when the features are not geared to a PC). However, I have the Logitech touch pad and it will respond to the hand gestures with it’s software. I have been able to use it in N-Track, but it is a bit clunky as the mouse has to be on the right feature to work.
When I get a chance I load up the new build and install the Logitech and see if it works. I wonder about the touch pads on laptops?
anyone want to check? It will be a few days for me before I can test it.