n-Track Studio v7.0 & n-Track for Mac 2.0 Released

Version 7 Now Released.

n-Track Studio v7.0 and n-Track for Mac 2.0 Released,

64 bit version can now load 32 bit native plugins (VST, VST3, AU and DirectX) via the 32 to 64 bit bridge [New Feature]
Option to ‘sandbox’ plugins to run them in a separate process. If a plugin crashes n-Track doesn’t crash [New Feature]
n-Track Drums v2 - improved user interface, effects, new library [New Feature]
Seamless looping of time selection (i.e. fixed small gap in audio playback when the song reaches the end of the loop interval) [New Feature]
Cursor/selection/loop markers in the time axis [New Feature]
Timeline can now show master, aux, group and instrument channels, avoid to edit envelopes on top of unrelated tracks [New Feature]
Improved compatibility with VST3 plugins [New Feature]
Improved compatibility with Melodyne, Jamstix, Waves and other VST2.x plugins [New Feature]
Quicker, smaller installer, doesn’t require to uninstall before reinstalling [New Feature]
nEfx Tube distortion plugin [New Feature]
nEfx Compressor with side-chain input [New Feature]
Many bugs fixed.


I purchased the upgrade from v 6 to v 7, but the email sent to me has the v 6 registration codes, and when I enter them, I get an error message.

Anyone else have this problem? Any fix?


Send Flavio a PM or an e-mail and he’ll get you sorted out.