n-Track Studio v7.0 Beta Build 2910 Released

Many New Features and Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v7.0 Beta Build 2910 Released,

64 bit version can now load 32 bit native plugins via the 32 to 64 bit bridge [New Feature]
Option to ‘sandbox’ plugins to run them in a separate process. If a plugin crashes n-Track doesn’t crash [New Feature]
n-Track Drums v2 - improved user interface, effects, new library [New Feature]
Seamless looping of time selection (i.e. fixed small gap in audio playback when the song reaches the end of the loop interval) [New Feature]
Cursor/selection/loop markers in the time axis [New Feature]
Timeline can now show master, aux, group and instrument channels, avoid to edit envelopes on top of unrelated tracks [New Feature]
Improved compatibility with VST3 plugins [New Feature]
Improved compatibility with Melodyne, Jamstix, Waves and other VST2.x plugins [New Feature]
Quicker, smaller installer, doesn’t require to uninstall before reinstalling [New Feature]
nEfx Tube distortion plugin [New Feature]
nEfx Compressor with side-chain input [New Feature]
Many bugs fixed
The Beta version accepts v6.x registration codes. The final v7.0 will require v7.x registration codes.


Ah, the bridge, that is a huge deal. :agree:

fixed small gap in audio playback when the song reaches the end of the loop interval

excellent smithers…eggsellent. :agree:

dontcare :cool:

better snag that beta version while our 6x codes still work!

dontcare :cool:

Cool. How much can we expect to pay for the upgrade?

Yep, lotsa good improvements in there. Nice.

n_TRack 7 has many of those features users (including me) have been requesting. We can now draw an envelope for a group on it’s own track. The new Transport bar solves some of the issues that have come up now and then and makes it easier to use. I have not had a chance to try out the ability to use 32 bit effects with the 54 bit version, but that promises to be a real boom to those of use using Windows 7 64 bit. Without that feature using 64 bit was very limited because most effects were written for 32 bit. Now we can enjoy the added speed and other benefits of 64 bit until effects are availability as 64 bit or without investing a fortune in new effects. Way to go Flavio! :love:

This might actually be interesting. As you all know I have been a detractor, malcontent, pain in the ass, etc and “improved VST 2.x compatibility” might be a long over due bug fix that might make N viable again. All of the wonky crashes of 5.x forward might be gone? Here’s hoping.

please let us know Bubba,

I’d like to move on myself beyond 5, considering 6 is bought and paid for already. :agree:

dontcare :cool: