n-Track Studio v8.0 Beta Build 3328 Released

A few bug fixes.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Beta Build 3328 Released,


Fixed bug causing n-Track to not start on Windows XP (Windows) [Bug fix]
Fixed wrong effects list view refreshing after effect dragging [Bug fix]
Minor bugs fixes [Bug fix]

Incldues: Support for encoding and decoding m4a and aac audio files (Windows) [New Feature]
Minor bugs fixes. v3326
Added ‘go to marker at index’ to external MIDI controller actions list [New feature]
Added external MIDI controller support for changing the step sequencer current pattern [Improvement]
Added musical scale presets on step sequencer [New feature]
Fixed crash on closing signal path window (Mac) [Bug Fix]
Minor fixes on USB audio devices auto detection [Bug fix]

Sorry the late updates I was on holidays. You are now up to date.