n-Track Studio v8.1.2 Build 3421  32bit

Hi guys, I am working on a song with 15 WAV tracks and at one stage n-Track had crashed. Fortunately I had been saving the song as I fine tuned the individual tracks… However after I restarted n-Track, whenever I loaded the song and click PLAY, it immediately crashed. No error message or any such thing. It simply closed. It LOADS the song ok each time, but in order to get it to play I have to individually click the SOLO [S] option on each track and play each then uncheck the SOLO option for each track at which stage the whole song plays. Kinda weird I know but this is what is happening to me right now. HELP. Win32 Pro 4Gb Memory Intel 2 Quad CPU Q8400 2.6Ghz

Hi Akua,

could you please email me the .sng file that shows the problem to support@ntrack.com ?


Ok sure