n-Track Studio v8.1.4 Beta Build 3460 Released

Improvements, New Features, Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v8.1.4 Beta Build 3460 Released,

Added Share window: click on the “Share” button on the main toolbar for quickly export or upload your song and optionally share it with the Songtree Community [New feature]
Added “Loop” part widget: trim or indent the recorded part, snap it to the grid and the drag it from the “Loop” widget to create a perfectly timed beat [New feature]
Added bypass for global speed and transpose processing: click on the button in the transport bar to enable/disable the effects and to show/hide the controls [Improvement]
Improved multiple download of the Add-On Manager packages [Improvement]
Fixed crash on switching tab while downloading a product from the Add-On Manager [Bug fix]
Minor bug fixes and improvements [Bug fix]