n-Track Studio v9.0.0 Beta Build 3501 Released

Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v9.0.0 Beta Build 3501 Released,

Fixed loss of performance with Main mixer window and Pianoroll window opened [Bug fix]
Fixed error on product activation [Bug fix]
Minor bug fixes and improvements [Bug fix]


@Paco572 The beta build fails to install on my Mac for some reason. The installertact manufacturer’. I have 8 EX installed. Any thoughts?.

It seem that the certificate for the Bata for v. 9 is still in process. That may or may not be the issue. On Windows 10, I had to outhorize the program to be acceptable to install. I received a warning/window/ notice that the program would not install, but it didn’t tell me why. I finally just clicked in an open space in the warning window and it let ne install.

I don’t use a MAC so I’m very much just molding cheese when it comes to help with a MAC, sorry.