n-Track Studio v9.0.2 Beta Build 3550 Released

Improvements, New Features, Bug Fixes.

n-Track Studio v9.0.2 Beta Build 3550 Released,

New Convolution Reverb plugin: emulate the reverberation of real world rooms, churches and cathedrals. Includes a built-in impulses starter pack and the possibility to download many other ones [New feature]
Improved Audio Engine performance, decrased possibility of audio glitches at very low latencies [Improvement]
Simplified tracks management by adding Instruments plug-ins on MIDI tracks instead of creating separate Instrument channels. You can now add effects and volume/pan envelopes to MIDI tracks [Improvement]
Improved VocalTune plug-in performance [Improvement]
Fixed sporadic bug on changing Quick Rhythms that caused n-Track to play a rhythm different from the selected one [Bug fix]
Fixed sporadic noise burst on rewinding or seeking songs containing MIDI tracks with n-Track Sampler [Bug fix]
Various UI improvements [Improvement]
Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes [Bug fix]