n-Track Studio v9.1.1 Build 3649 Released. Bug Fix

Sorry for my late replies. Here is the latest.
n-Track Studio v9.1.1 Build 3649 Released,

Fixed network error occurring on trying to activate the license [Bug fix]

Previous notes for those that missed it.

n-Track Studio v9.1.1 Build 3648 Released
Friday, May 29 2020, 4:00 pm - 2 weeks ago
Speed, mute and fade widgets are applied on selected parts [Improvement]
Fixed crash on loading song containing Surround Panner plug-in [Bug fix]
Fixed sporadic bug in which the mixdown of a temporal selection generates an empty file [Bug fix]
Fixed screen MIDI drums mapping when using Acoustic kit and Real live drums kits [Bug fix]
Fixed crash on changing the surround configuration [Bug fix]
Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes [Bug fix]

n-Track Studio v9.1.1 Released
Friday, May 15 2020, 10:00 am - 4 weeks ago
Summary of changes from v9.1.0 to v9.1.1:
Added “Arm selected track” feature: enable this option from the track input menu to arm the track by selecting it [New feature]
Parts looped using the loop widget now inherit properites of the part from which have been looped (fade in, fade out, part key etc.) [Improvement]
Fixed midi events are not drawed in the correct position if the song contains tempo changes [Bug fix]
Fixed misalignement between pianoroll grid and timeline grid if the being edited midi part has an offset [Bug fix]
Fixed bug on copy and paste multiple parts when one of the part has zero offset [Bug fix]
Fixed bug in which cannot change the Step Sequencer event velocity by dragging the event up/down [Bug fix]
Fixed bug in which volume/pan envelopes get shifted on changing project sampling frequency [Bug fix]
Fixed crash on starting online mixdown [Bug fix]
Fixed tempo map is not applied when importing midi files that have tempo changes [Bug fix]
fixed midi parts get out of sync on bpm changes [Bug fix]
Fixed crash on loading Genesis Pro VTSi when using n-Track 64 bit [Bug fix]
Fixed bug on dragging parts in which the dragged part jumps in an unwanted point in the timeline [Bug fix]
Fixed sporadic crash on opening the Add-on Manager [Bug fix]
Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes [Bug fix]


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