N-Track Surround sound

Wouldn’t that be great…

i recently e-mailed flavio and asked him to put in support for surround sound mixing in the next upgrade to 4.x. we all like N-Track and i think anyone will agree that it would be a nice improvement if we could mix our music in surround sound. there are several other digital audio programs available with this capability. it would be great to have it in N-Track. i encourage anyone who reads this to let Flavio, and the rest of the N-Track community, know how much of a welcomed improvement this would be to N-track. Flavio has done a good job thus far and surround sound is the new standard in Audio, let’s all be a part of it with N-Track! thanks.

“Surround” Sound is an Effect, it’s probably available as a plug-in.

N-Track can handle 5.1/7.1 mixing, provided you have a sound card with 6/8 outputs.


Right. With any 6 to 8 output card you can already mix to 5.1 or 7.1, but it’s a little cumbersome since there is no built-in panning per output channel. What n-Tracks lacks is two basic functions: Mixdown to a single multichannel wave fine and any encoding that is necessary for the format you’re shooting for.

The one major nice function that is missing but not totally necessary (that’s debatable…and folks that mix for 5.1 will say there is no debate…and I’m not arguing because I occasionally mix for 5.1) is location or panning of the individual channels. Most encoders have this, so this is what kgushue11 is looking for most likely. Even without the encoder this panning an location function should allow saving to 6 mono files for direct importing into an encoder.

In other words, it one thing to pan between left and right – it’s another to pan between front center and back when using the standard 8 out audio card.

This proggie, a free beta, allows you to play with surround. You can try it if you want to see how surround is implemented:

is aproject a little dead, i dont know if it has future, but the proggie is impressive (and buggy)

Ah yes, I remember that one. I checked it out when first looking for a DAW in 2001. Other than N, it seemed the most intuitive. But I had some questions; the help was in some Asian language, and my post on their board went unanswered – they got about 1 post per 6 months on that board.

I was up & runnin with N and hooked in no time. IIRC, I had a question about the metronome not working to record the first track, and someone called “kb” helped me out. Methinks that wuz you, phoo, or some other Craven lunatic.

I remember that problem, but kb wasn’t me, though that registered name rings a bell.

I still occasionally have the problem that the metronome doesn’t start unless the song is started at the very beginning though. I don’t need it very often so I keep forgetting about it. Do you see that?

Yes, I see that in my latest V3.3, but I didn’t in earlier versions.

Not to be a poo pooer, but what for? I would rather get music notation editing first and a few other features than some of the gimmicky stuff like 5.1. Who’s gonna listen to these 5.1, 7.1, and 10.2 mixes besides a very very few people? Unless you are making a movie, it ain’t worth it. Otherwise, all the big name labels would mix everything in surround. It is just more trouble than it is worth IMO to mix in surround which will cater to a very narrow audience.

I dunno Bubba, I consider myself to be a late adopter (I’m still using Ntrack 3.3 on my 386SX with 640K memory/40Mb Drive :D) Any technology has to be pretty well matured and price adjusted for me to buy it. But I have 5.1 in my living room and this is were I listen to most music. Granted 5.1/7.1 has not been widely accepted for audio format - but it does get employed, and I think it’s just a matter of time before CD goes the way of the 8Track tape. DVD is falling in price, as soon as the big boys figure out which technology to support, I think DVD will be the next audio medium.

Or I could be wrong (It’s happened before…)


Ya wanna know what sounds really cool, it’s running yer Leslie sim through a 5.1 system set for Dolby ProLogic, the setting for general music. Just as a stereo feed. That baby really whirls around the room! Other phase-related stereo imaging effects sound interesting too (though not necessarily as the engineer intended!)

I found this out by accident. We finally plunged, used up all those silly points for using a credit card and got a free DVD 5.1 system & plugged it into our tv. Well, I had a cable running twixt there & my studio nook at the other end of the room (where the “back” speakers sit). And my normal monitor amp was at the doctor, so I fed the 5.1 system as the handiest speakers to use. Most stuff sounded relatively normal, as you’d expect from home theater speakers and a way over-hyped subwoofer.

And then I started playing Native Instruments B4. Thought maybe I was having a flashback! :)

Very cool sound. A little more like Leslie in a real room than a stereo sim normally sounds, maybe – with it coming from all directions. Big fun.