n-Track tempo controlled by audio input

using Jamstix with loop pedal

I am trying use Jamstix drum software running as a VST in Live mode. I would like its tempo to be driven by a guitar loop pedal. I am told the Jamstix tempo is tied to the n-Track host.

Is there a way to have the n-Track tempo controlled by the pedal?

dont have JAMstix but -

N tempo is normally set to 120bpm - all this means is that the timeline will run at a constant speed - N will record or process any input at the BPM it is input - you record at 80bpm n will play it back at 80bpm no matter what the tempo the timeline is set to - otherwise N would not play anything correctly -

if JS is not responding to the input from your loop pedal then JS cannot recognise the notes you play as DRUMS -

the JS acts as AUDIO to MIDI convertor then plays a sample of a drum strike when it recieves a MIDI note that corresponds to the a MIDI reference table inside JS - if the notes you play are outside the DRUM KIT RANGE nothing will happen -

Dr J

I don’t think this can be done with N.
I’m not even sure how to change tempo on the fly.
(Send midi tempo change info)
But with FL Studio (demo) you are able to draw
in a tempo change envelope (essentially editting
midi tempo events).
see this thread.
tempo automation
But this would be after initial recording.

Also came across this

tempo slave software

The software looks very interesting. Anyone here ever tried it? I have a lot of lod performaces recording that could be improved with some accompliment, but adding parts after a recording is really hard because they were not recorded to a clock.

there’s a 30 day demo.
I’m gonna check it out when I get some free time.

BTW I like the chat room setup. I think it will catch on
in a little while.

Chat room?

Yeh - where’ve you been?

n-Track Chat

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