n-Track update v2504


It appears what was once a working feature in v 6.0.5 is not working in this latest build. I am referring to n-track’s ability to recognize a Midi input device’s events. As usual, I ensured my MIDI controller is selected in the MIDI preferences and as the input source on a new MIDI track. Though I pressed the keys of the MIDI controller (keyboard) no sound is being generated. Conversely, i can start up other applications that use the keyboard and they work fine (e.g. Hypersonic). Does anyone know if a new setting needs to be checked in this latest build? This feature works fine in previous versions of the program. Thanks for any help.


I should also add that this latest build seems to support Halion. This was a request of mine earlier so I want to thank the developers for their fine work.

I’m guessing that some of the problems I report about ntrack are due to the simple fact that I’ve labored my computer after hrs of quick stop and go. To the point that cpu builds up almost instantly, thus causing eq action freeze ups or the like. Yea?

That could be indicative of memory or resource leaks or fragmented memory issues. Cold reboot twice and leave the machine completely off and unplugged (all power disconnected) for a few minutes. Sometimes that is necessary to get all hardware to reset.