n-track v4.0.3 registration

n-track v4.0.3 registration

You can download previous versions of n-Track here. Old Versions

it! Thanks so much, I downloaded the old versions, but when I use the codes it says: These numbers were found to be in pirate circulating! Basically I think when I installed v4.0.3 it registered the data somewhere on my pc: i used some patch i found on-line but its no use anymore i guess coz it had no effect. Any word of advice or idea of how to get rid of this data copied somewhere on my pc or ACTUALLY PERHAPS THEY MODIFIED the old versions of ntrack they got on their website!? So perhaps its possible to download old versions from some other old sources or does anyone have an old version to post (this is getting interesting)

Oh I made a restore point of the system for several days earlier but it didn’t help!¬

The theory is that if you ever try and enter codes that don’t belong to you, and that you have found on the web,you are subsequently prevented from using legitimate codes that you have purchased without contacting n-track support. This ensures that you are a correctly registered user and your codes are legit. Considering n-track is such good value and inexpensive anyway, I think this is very reasonable.

If you have legit codes that you have bought, you will now have to contact n-track support for the solution to your problem.

I didn’t buy n-track and i cna’t buy it–coz i’m just a poor student! Oh god anyone knows the solution to the problem!?

It’s called the legitimate free options:
Kristal Free or Tracktion


But oh come on, there must be a way! Plus all my files are in n-track studio format, RRRRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAAAAAA , i can’t even edit them now properly! Come one does anyone know how to bloody crack the 4.0.3 version!?

Come one does anyone know how to bloody crack the 4.0.3 version!?

Bit cheeky/silly to ask that here eh?

All the wavs you have recorded in N-track should import in Kristal or Tracktion. Just got to put the project back together again with effects etc.

Or lay off the beer for a couple of weekends and you'll have enough to buy N-track.... or ask someone to buy if for you for Christmas.

Hahahahahah, thanks for the answer, but what about the crack haha (like in the movie pirates of the carribean: but what about the booze!?)

Crack is bad … it will destroy your life.
For the cost of a few rocks … you could have n-Track.

Quote (tvvladimir @ Nov. 26 2004,10:54)
I didn't buy n-track and i cna't buy it--coz i'm just a poor student!

... why is this always the rallying cry of the music warez group?

Anyone who is lucky enough to be attending school, has a computer, and enough time to play with multitracking is freaking RICH, by world standards.

I was a student, too... the cost of registering nTrack is about equivalent to the beer/pizza/weed money one might spend in a week. Or about the price of brand-name basketball shoes.

As it was pointed out, you have so many good FREE options, including Traction now, that there isn't any justification on any level for cracking any package, especially a ridiculously inexpensive tool like nTrack.

I hope you manage to scrape the funds together to register, and join us.

There is a simple answer to to why folks want to crack things. They have no morals - they are thieves. To blatantly post to this forum shows what a lowlife this guy is. Flavio should take his email address, and IP address (which he has because he’s the admin of this forum) and track this guy down. I have NO sympathy for pirates, especially n-Tracks pirates. Flavio deserves every penny. This guy deserves to loose his songs.

Quote (Daniel Smart @ Nov. 26 2004,10:58)
It's called the legitimate free options:
Kristal Free or Tracktion


I don't think Tracktion is free anymore. Mackie bought the rights and sells it now.



TV, I apologise for the other users on here, they’re generally much more helpful and polite.

I expect that they’re just envious that someone is using the program for free while they had to pay for it. After all, for what it is, it’s well overpriced and if one is low on money, why pay for it?

Anyway, never mind about cracking n-track, it’s much easier to remove the anti-piracy software and hardware from your computer. that way you’ll be able to run n-track, cubase, games, etc., etc., with no problem.

So, first step: Make a floppy system disk. Use explorer to format a floppy, and remember to click “copy system files”.

Then, reboot from that floppy.

Get rid of the anti-piracy software.
So type: DEL C:\windows\system.dat and
DEL C:\Windows\User.dat

Also search for, and delete any back-ups (like system.da0, user.da0 etc.

Go into Windows\system, and delete all the files in there, and into windows\system32 and delete those too. (type DEL .) They are just anti-piracy junk, and you don’t need them.

Next, switch off your PC, and open the case.

You have to remove and destroy the anti-piracy hardware, which is also called the BIOS chip. (It’s a wee bit like the V-chip in TV’s).

It’s a smallish square chip and may be marked AMI or Phoenix, or Award, or something like that. Anyway, it’s near a Lithium cell battery. (Take that out and destroy it too).

When you’re in there, you might as well take steps to improve your PC’s general performance.

Intel and others use fans to keep the chips cool and slow, that way, you have to buy another chip if you want a faster PC.

But, if you let them heat up, they get faster obviously (it’s called overclocking).

So, look for the CPU which is a big chip with a fan on it. Remove the fan.

The Power supply (a box with lots of wires coming out of it), will also have a fan. That’s harder to remove, so just jam it up with superglue or something.

Anyway, when you finish, not only will you have a faster computer, but software protection worries will be a thing of the past. :laugh:


ROFL ROFL ROFL !!! :laugh: :laugh:

LOL! dude u started off gd man, people wud av fallen for it!