N-track v4.04 and invalid registation codes

upgrading from 4.03 to 4.04

I just installed the version 4.04 and all of the sudden my registration codes seem to be invalid; i thought registered users could download all the 4.XX versions, or am I wrong?
did anyone experience the same problem? ??? :(

Yep. There are some issues with the old codes and the new beta version for some reason. Use the feedback form on this website. Flavio got new codes back to me very quickly once I reported it.


I just got an email from Flavio with new codes to use. If you don’t receive the email, let him know and I’m sure they will be sent

I just got an Email telling me to use some new codes and they don’t work either!!!

mine worked…

I contacted Flavio saying the new codes didn’t work and got a reply back from him the next day telling me how to fix the problem. It involved typing in a code to reset n-track to default settings and then re-entering the codes he sent me.

All up and working again and first class customer service (again) from Flavio.

Yeah. I think part of the problem people (like me) have when installing a new version and have trouble is when you tell it to use settings from the previous version instead of using the default settings. I would guess anywas. (this is unrelated to the 4.04 version problem, although it could compound it)