n-Track v6.1.2 Beta Build 2781 Released

New initial window layout and more.

n-Track v6.1.2 Beta Build 2781 Released,

New initial window layout with transport toolbar at the bottom of screen
Improvements in VST plugins generic editor
Fixed crash loading DirectX plugins


Anyone having UI problems with this beta?

Yep, definetly.

I reported a few on Bugzilla.

I understand its a beta version but hopefully these issues get fixed soon, I’m about to purchase the program. (waiting on paypal).

Many of you know this, However, some people may have an issue with understanding that a Beta is an “untested” version of the software. It is very important to realize that the bata versions are going to have some issues from time to time. There are probably thousnads of different components that can be selected to construct a PC, add to that that a small change to the computer code to run a program can have unintended consequences that may show up on only a relatively few computer configurations runnning a particular plug-in; really it’s amazing betas work as well as they do.
If anyone choses to use a beta, then they are a part of a testing team that reports problems to make a better product. The “regular” versions ( the ones not beta) are moved to be standards after the beta has been tested - then Flavio starts adding things (often suggestions users make) into the next Beta. So, for maximum stability, stick to the standard versions. If you want to be a part of improving a great product, do beta testing and report your findings.