n-TRack vs. the World?

software comparisons

so I may be in the wrong place to get a totally objective opinion, but I would like to know the differences between the folowing programs -

1) n-Track
2) Cool Edit Pro
3) Cubase SX

others? etc. etc. etc.

what are the strengths and weaknesses of these programs?

The obvious weaknesses are that they’re all for PC. Other than that, the fact that no major studios use any of them, they don’t use accepted archival formats, and none have dedicated hardware I think are pretty obvious as well.
Obvious strengths are that they all run on cheap crap windoze systems. LOL.

Ever see that commercial for Big Red chewing gum, “It looks good on you!”? That’s how you should look at software. That’s why I still use n-track now and then. Don’t waste your time asking other people what they think. Read the ‘n-track or Protools?’ post. What a waste of time. Try them out yourself and find something that suits you.

i’ve got Digidesign Mbox with ProTools LE and …

I use Mbox, but with N-track…

Comparing software tools with hardware ones (hammers, keys, etc) you will found that the most of them you can get, better. Always you will have a prefered one (the more handy, the more flexible, the more… old and that you love anyway there are a best one). To make a good comparison, the first thing you must compare is the price. At the price of n there is no much that do the job. Maybe Multitrack studio, frieve musicstudio, Krystal AudioEngine and Audacity. But n is more versatile IMHO, anyway i use this mentioned ones for specific things.


Incidentally Cubase also supports Macs.

Personally XP works just fine if you maintain it properly like you should with ANY OS.
I prefer the PC b/c its ludricrous the moment ANY Mac hardware component breaks…the entire computer goes down with it for repair…not to mention the hefy marketing costs you pay for buying these systems through one company which manufacture macs.
I like flexibiliy in terms of choice and macs really dont provide it…not in comparison to PCs.

So before you start bashing systems as if there is such thing as a FLAWLESS system,
you should know that I do like Macs in terms of what they do…but its just not cost effective for me.

BTW…that last post was in reply to hookaradio
NOT nedjinksi :)

I’ll mention a program that isn’t designed to compete with n-track but it is very interesting, nonetheless.

If you want to see a clever program that really comes at you from a different perspective, check out Ableton Live. You can download a demo from their web site.

It’s geared toward music composition more than straight recording but it will record tracks just fine. Anyway, if you want to broaden your horizons this program will make you think a little differently about recording software.

Dotto 8th note! I got the slimmed down version with my usb omnistudio and it is a cool piece of software…spontaneous creation live! what a cool concept.

You guys know any good online tutorials for Ableton? I have the lite version, but the manual doesn’t really have a basic tutorial. I’d really like to try the looping on the fly stuff.