N-Track wiki tutorials

Hi all!

Just found out about the N-wiki, so I thought it would be an idea to make a wiki-page which would address peoples needs of tutorials. So it’s just a page with all the links to the N-Track wiki-tutorials (which YOU could write :). Go to the wiki site->special pages->categories->Tutorial Index.

Hi Folks,

where I can find this wiki?


There’s a link of the main forum page

Hi Mark:
That’s nice… How’d you do that?


'tis easy Bill.

1. Pulled up the page I wanted.

2. Hit Printscreen (top right of keyboard) to copy the screen to clipboard. Hint ALT-printscreen copies the current active window only.

3. RUn up Mspaint.

4. CNTRL-v to paste the image.

5. Cut out any unwanted bits.

6. Draw a big red arrow.

7. Save as a jpeg or gif. (Remember to keep the file size down for those with dial-up)

8. Upload the pic to some webspace somewhere.

9. In the forum topic, click the “Image” button and enter the URL of the saved image.


Mark, is there a way to slurp pages from the “n-Track test wiki” into the new n-track wiki?

BTW, I don’t think you have the hang of what Categories are about yet. I’m still figuring out the best way to use them myself. Regardless, I planted your tutorial index on the front page.

If you guys don’t mind, I’ll be organizing stuff as it gets assembled. At first it’ll be a hassle because stuff will kind of move around, but before long a good organization should emerge.


Great stuff! I was wondering how to put my article in the proper context & add links to other topics, but I see the Wiki Fairy has done it for me :D
I’m impressed.


Be careful who you’re calling a fairy, bub! :angry:



Mmm, if it’s any consolation, it took me three attempts to spell it right.
Would you prefer Wiki Elf ???



Sounds like a sticky wiki problem to me.

Now that’s cool. I won’t be writing any tutorials, but I’ll be loomimg around to see what does get submitted. Thanks for putting this together, Scythe!

Thanks Mark:
I’ll try it sometime… mabey, practice doing IT before I try and post something I’d like other Board Members to comment on… or think might be an interesting topic for discussion…

A picture takes the place of a thousand words.


Working on this and learning how to DO-IT.

Off topic? I think … but you know me… :O


Learning… But why the Double image on the n-Track image?


Quote (learjeff @ Mar. 20 2006,15:35)
BTW, I don't think you have the hang of what Categories are about yet. I'm still figuring out the best way to use them myself. Regardless, I planted your tutorial index on the front page.

Sorry if I messed up your categorization, feel free to rearrange. It's not easy to categorize, probably better if a single person does it. The reason I put up the index page is that it's more familiar than navigating through Special pages->Categories. And this way people could just "order" a tutorial, by inserting a link to appropriate section (midi etc). I think it's possible to have these sort of index pages with categories as well.

Of course you could put links directly to the category pages to the front page, it just needs a special way to link to the special pages (that was something like [[Special:Category X]] ).

After giving it some thought, I suspect that categories are a good way of providing alternate paths to related pages – a cross-indexing of sorts. Like you, I prefer intentionally arranged pages to the Category default listing by aphabet. But a number of pages are more than one thing and can easily be put into multiple categories, so the category tag offers a real easy way of saying “Regardless of where I planted this page, it’s a foo-related page”.

That’s just my current working theory. Subject to change without notice. :wink:

Yes, surely that is a good approach, also used by Wikipedia and alot of other Mediawiki + other wikis.
By the way, have you seen Renoise wiki? I kind of like the sidebar it has.

What’s Renoise?

Renoise - http://www.renoise.com/
Renoise wiki - http://tutorials.renoise.com/

It’s a modern tracker software, for every FT][ or Impulse tracker fan out there.