n-track will not open

n-track not opening

i have installed n-track a number of times after i have recently reformatted my harddrives…i have been using the program for approx. 6 years and have never came across this problem…any ideas?????????PLEASE HELP ME!!! :(

What’s different? (yeah - I know that’s an obvious question)

Which OS and which build of n-Tracks? Does it seem to fully install properly?

Was this a hard drive format, clean install of windows, successful install of n-Tracks, yet it won’t open when double-clicking the icon problem?

To have it not start at all is more than a bit odd…I’m fishing for any info that might point us in some direction.

hi phoo,
when i double click it will not open…i have window xp, it seemed to have problems after i installed windows sp2, however, i have uninstalled windows xp2 and it does the same thing. i am thinking i may have to reinstall the OS. any info would be of great help… thanks, shaun

I’ve got XP with SP2 and am using build 1846 (as well as a number of previous builds without any problems).

When you double click, does anything happen (screen change, or anything flash up momentarily, Hard drive start chugging away like it would if it was starting the program normally etc.)
If you go into task manager do you see n track running in the programs or processes?

Are you trying to run the beta without .NET installed?
Not sure if you can do that or it gets installed as part of the install…


n-track is not running in task processes, when i double click on n-track i get an hour glass just for about a second and then nothing happens…no harddrive spin-up…nothing

which version and build of n-track are you using? i am using build 1846 (4.0.5) on windows xp with sp2 successfully but i’m running into a few issues with the newer beta builds on the same setup.