n-Track wins on ProTool's home court!

just shows to go you…

In January I was pretty much forced to buy a copy of ProTools LE (6.4), in order to get the full asio and midi drivers for the DIGI001 I purchased with my Christmas bonus. The week before last, I was able to pick up a Behringer V-amp Pro at a good second-hand price, and was hoping to use it’s S/Pdif out to get guitar signals into the computer, and free up two analog channels on the DIGI. Thus far, I have been able to open ProTools in order to access the DIGI’s settings, and it has worked fine for getting all the analog and midi channels playing nice, and the buffer settings optimized. But no matter what I tried (re-install, reboot, change settings, reboot, re-install - you know the drill!), PT just would not see the S/Pdif RCA input - it kept insisting that there was an optical S/Pdif input coming in! I worked on it for several evenings, and was totally unable to get a sound out of the V-amp. I finally gave up, and opened n for the first time in several days. Just for the heck of it, I went into settings and told n to use all 18 input and output channels, and sure enough! There was the S/Pdif input on channels 17 and 18, with the meters hopping!

So, even though PT was written to work with the DIGI unit, it cannot see the RCA S/Pdif input at all, while dear old n - well, I think I have made my point, eh?

:) :D :laugh: :p

'til later;
Tony W