N-Track with M-Audio Fast Track

Recoring in stereo

Any body help, How do i record guitar in stereo using n-track with M-Audio Fast Track USB series

you don’t.

best you can do is double mono. (same thing out of both sides).

Now if you had a D/I box you could in theory split your guitar signal into two and send on in the instrument input hard panned to one side, the other in the mic input hard panned to the other with a different effect on one of them, that would be true stereo, IMHO.

if you truly want to record two identical mono tracks of your guitar grouped in one track using only the guitar input there is an option for mono or stereo inside preferences or if you click the little hammer on the recording VU meter the same area you set up bit rate…I’m assuming that is what you want to but that is not STEREO, that is just to identical tracks of the same guitar.

For instance if you had a flanger effect that went left to right you will see it will not go left to right on your “stereo” track, it will do something identical on both sides. :disagree:

keep shinin


I forget, but isn’t there a ‘two mono to one stereo track’ option somewhere? I’ve always just recorded as separate and pan as you say.

YEs…clicky hammer on Recording VU meter as suggested… :laugh: