N-track with Reason

Hello everyone. I’m new, and need some help…

I’ve just made myself go pretty deaf…there’s a problem with the way I’ve done something I think!

I’m trying to run Reason 2.5 with N-track.

I launch N-track…fine.
Then I add a wav file…fine
Then go to Rewire, and then click on reason.
Reason opens and I can load sample.
However, back in N-track, I get a hiss noise and it just gets louder and louder until it hurts - a bit like feedback (but no mic’s plugged in)

On the N-track window, it has added two tracks with the red record button icon there. I don’t know where these came from. When I press play, the wav plays and the reason stuff. I mute the two tracks with red recording icons and everything is fine - reason and the wav plays fine.

Please help cause if this happens on my home studio I might blow my speakers with this funny noise thing going on…

Can I sync reason with n-track without having these two wave input selector things there????