N-Track with Windows 64

Anybody using it?

Is anyone using N-Track Version 4 running on Windows 64?

Any noticeable improvment such as reduced latency or better CPU useage?



I can’t speak about WinXP 64 but under XP 32 bit version 5 seems to be much more efficient than V4 was…


Same here. i haven’t used the 64 bit version, but the good old 32 bit version in the new builds is a whole lot more efficient.

Is anyone using the 64-bit version? I’m considering upgrading to XP64, but don’t want to spend the money if it is not worth it. Also, does anyone know when the 64 bit version of v5 will be out? I think finding plug-ins will be the biggest issue.

The demo version should be able to tell you if it will work ok. If the 64 bit V5 version isn’t out then it doesn’t matter too much is the V4 64 bit version works since there have been so many changes under the hood between V4 and V5.

That said, even though the 64 bit download page says V4 the build number is the same as the V5 version. I think that the link is pointing to V5 and the page has the wrong version showing.

Try the 32 bit version on Win64 anyway (the download is the demo - you just get codes when you pay). It should work under WOW64. Plug-ins will be a bit of an issue since most are 32 bits only. They too SHOULD work under WOW64, but you never know.

I’ve got N running in W64. Haven’t really used it much but as I recall it worked fine. The problem as Phoo said is plugs. The only plugs that work are the N plugs that come with the program.
You also need to be sure that all and I mean all of your hardware have 64 bit drivers available.
That said I believe that, if you have the money, Waves and some other folks make 64 bit plugs. But they’re pricey.
Now if you run N in 32 bit emulation on W64 all plugs are available. Don’t know if there is any performance bonus there or not.
I only got W64 'cause at school I could buy it for $5. Seemed worth it to me.