n-track worth buying?

Is it?

Welp this post is no douptly gonna flush all the supporters out of hte wood work.
So let me be the first to say YES. IMHO.

I’ve had the program for 6 years now, paid 65 buck for it, and the compresser plug in, back in 98.
I’ve recorded countless, songs each once getting better than the last, as a learn newer techiniques in the recording area.
I used to use a Tascam, 4 track, with a live band, and just send each track into the computer for the mixing and effects.
Now I just do it all myself, instrument by instrument.
I guess it depend on what level of knowlege you have of recording, as to if it’s worth it, also what your going to use it for.
I know ther’s alot of other software, Cakewalk, Cool edit, ect that do the same things, but cost alot more, never really had a chance to explore those more costly programs.
But I have explored this one for years and will continue to learn and use it for the rest of my life.
Also there’s alot of support right here from fellow users who could help your out with pretty much any problem.
I used this program for 2 years and really had limited success till I found out about this place and all the people who are willing to give up there own time to walk you through things. good luck trying to find that with any other program out there.

hope to see ya, posting a “how do I” in the future…



What do you want to do with it ?
If you want to do audio you probably won’t find a much bigger bang for your buck. There are better programs for MIDI…


Thanks for prompt and enlightening answer! I´m a guitarist and want to use n-track as a sketchpad and for practicing solos. I´ve tried the demo since last posting (last night) and will register my copy right away.

Good choice. :)

I rec and mix since 1998, and i’ve worked on cakewalk, logic, cubase …
i’ve got N-track for 2 years, i’ve got Mbox (with ProTools LE 6.4) for 7 months.

for me N-track is the best for rec&mix, i use it with my Mbox and it work really good.