n-Trackers, in your experience, what is the

most reliable DVD burner?

I don’t care about speed, or bells and whistles. I just want something that is dependable and reliable in the long run. Thanks.

Pioneer, solid units. Sony ones, too. Personally i have a Lite-On that runs very nice.

Quote (marce @ Oct. 30 2005,15:44)
Pioneer, solid units. Sony ones, too. Personally i have a Lite-On that runs very nice.

Lite-on runs great for me also. I have 2 in my tower and one USB model for my laptop backups.

Hi All:
Isn’t that just something… I just bought a Pioneer DVD - RW DVR110D to upgrade the P-111 DAW I have in the studio… It looks great in the BIOS and posts up and all, with a UDMA rating of 4… is what I’m describing, right? Well… anyway. I put it throught it’s repro Paces and everything looked just fine to me. I put a blank (generic) DVD-R, N/N DVD in to try it’s write behaviour… with Nero…Latest version… All looked fine till the disk was rejected buy the setup with an error… So, the disk was faulty. I tried another one… same thing… (Thinking)… I put a Memorex DVD+RW re-write in and it worked just fine. I tried another N/N (Batch) brand DVD-R blank and it worked just fine.

Up untill now, I find myself in the LG Camp…

So, I have a bunch of N/N blanks that work fine in all the other LG drives, but don’t work in the Pioneer drive I just got. At least they don’t seem to write in the Pioneer Drive, for the set-up I have. It may have something to do with the “Coating” that’s on these N/N blanks I have. The Sticker that’s on the spool is Universal… who knows? Anyway, these work on the LG Drives I have… No worky on the Pioneer Drive… Apart from that, I have no other expirence with the Pioneer Drives, to offer you. But I may get a couple more… to upgrade some of these old version LG drives, I have.

Some stories that I hear, going around is, The Audio…“Big Guys” like the LiteOn Drives… for whatever reasons they have. I’d say, there may be only a couple of factories in the world producing these things, anyway… So, you have only a couple of drives to choose from, irregardless… of the Brand Name that is on them.

If I only knew… :O :laugh:


Without a doubt the Yamaha is the best for burning music CDs. At least that is my opinion. I use Memorex CDs and I never have a disk that will not play in everthing I have ever tried. The Yamaha has a different way of writing disks that seems to work beeter for music. I burn at 24x with no problem. The Lite-on I own is great, but not quite as conssistant when is comes the disks palying in cars, and older drives. I have several TDK and the are good burners, but I have to burn mucis Very Slooooly to get a reliable disk.

I’ve bought 4 of these Lite-On DVD/CD burners (currently $42.95 at newegg.com with free shipping) for different computers and they’ve never let me down yet.


I’ve been transferring all of my old VHS home movies over to DVD using Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVDArchitect ($90), Plextor ConvertX capture box ($70) and TaiyoYuden disks and have had ZERO problems…

TimOBrien, man the $42.99 deal is the one! Now I just have to delicately approach my wife about a little advance from her purse, if you know what I mean. Thanks everyone for your responses.