N-Tracks Drums

how to … or can it be done?

OK, let me start off by saying I don’t know anything about using software drums. Tho I probably know enough terms to make me dangerous.

Long story short - the dummer in a band I recorded at a gig turned out to be a very very light touch on the kick drum. The wave file of his kick drum really sucks.

It there a way to use the track to trigger an electronic kick?

If you have the kick in its own track, you might give DrumTrig from Storm Recording Studio a try. I’ve never used it personally but have seen it recommended by others, and, hey, the price is right :cool: I imagine you could use one of the kick wav files from nDrums as your replacement or find another one somewhere or just re-record one good sample. If the kick isn’t isolated on its own track you’d have to filter it out of the mix.

The kick is on it’s own track, tho quite faint. I have SoundForge, so I should be able to edit it to be a good trigger.

But rerecording is not an option. This is a live, one take performance recording.

But I’ll take a look at that software.

You see, I’ve never used programmed drums. I am completely and utterly ignorant of the theory and process. I do know that what I need to do is use an existing track to ‘trigger’ a sound(in this case a kick drum) and record that ‘sound’. Then substitute the recorded ‘kick sound’ in the ‘song’ .


I checked out that software and it’s exactly what i need.

Good call, my friend.

Some of those other plugs on that page are what I’ve been doing ‘manually’. So, ou link will save me time in other areas too. Thanks.

Hey MichaelST, glad it was helpful. Pipeline Audio has made some vdo tutorials about doing this very thing, and this is one of the places I’ve seen that plug recommended. Though he’s using not using nTrack, the concept is portable, and I’d suspect you could use the nTrack parametric plugs to do something similar to what he’s doing to isloate the kick on a mixed drums track in case you ever need that. At any rate, there’s some good stuff in these videos and IMO they’re worth a watch no matter what DAW you’re using. The one about replacing drums using triggers is Using ReaFIR.

Pipeline Audio Videos