N-tracks process priority in XP

Does increasing it help?

Hello people,

A friend of mine was recently listening to me moan about my laptop performance and a bit of clicking and popping when recording, and he suggested the following with Windows XP:

Access ‘task manager’ and select the ‘processes’ tab.

Right click the process for N-track and set ‘priority’ for the process to ‘high’ rather than the standard ‘normal’.

I am wondering if peoples experience can tell me what this does (if anything) for N-track?

I tried last night but only had four tracks running. There might have been a benefit because I was also using modem and browser at the same time (I most often shut down everything that’s not needed for recording) and it seemed ok. I am not 100% sure though because I only sometimes would receive clipping and popping under such circumstances anyway (performance has sometimes seemed to have random elements for me).

If anyone has tried this… then how about setting the ‘priority’ to ‘real time’ (the highest)?

I will play and see what I can find out myself… but thought it would be worth seeing if anyone else has been along this road already.



I think with the laptop is a lot more stressful with N,but I never had any problems whem using Sonar or MTS. My band used a laptop and had up to 40 tracks at a time with very little effects. Normally we would process the track into another track then disable the effect to free up CPU usage.
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Sometimes raising priority makes things worse. It can give higher priority to the n-Tracks user interface, taking away from the stuff running in the background, like disk IO and the recording thread. Raising the priority will make it easier to click the buttons when running in a higher CPU usage scenario for example, but at the expense of other threads and processes.

You should experiment with that for sure. You might find that lowering the priority helps, but that might make n-Tracks more unresponsive.

Experiment with “Use system timer for” and DSP thread priority as well. These are in the n-Tracks prefs under Options.

Thanks Phoo,

Your explanation makes something clear that probably should have been obvious to me anyway… but at least I know now. :)

I will take a look at those other settings too.