Name that tune!

And you don’t get any notes

Song released 1968.
Was the B-side of hit song, (Do you remeber 45’s) in the middle of the song is the voice of President John F. Kennedy saying

Is not peace in the lost analysis, basically a matter of human rights. The right to live out our lives, without fear or devastation.

Name the tune and the Band!

Extra credit
What was the A-side of the 45?

All I can think of is Saturday in the Park by Chicago, but I think that was later and might not even have that kind of stuff in it (something Chicago did has stuff like that), and I’m not sure it was a B side of anything. This is the kind of trivia that I should be good at and I’m blank.

Of course there is “(Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy” by SHONA LAING.

Nope, wrong band, but, this band was from the west side of Chicago.

The A-side song actually debut Dec. 1967, and made it to #8 on the charts in '68

???? The American Breed - Bend Me, Shape Me ????

No, No cigar yet!:D

Here’s one hint, the A-side was one word, a girls name.

Was the A-side the Turtle’s “Elenore”?

Or was side A Tom Jones: Delilah, Side B Smile?

Nope, next hint, the band was produced by James Guercio, same producer of the band ‘Chicago’, he brought in horn sections on their very first album which produced a 2 min song that went to #1 in '67. (I think that is the correct year) The band also appeared on PBS back in march 2004 as part of the oldies rock reunion. The original line-up is no more, but 2 original members still tour with the band, the original drummer passed away in the '80’s

don partridge rosie/blue eyes?

No, no cigar yet!

Last hint, this gives it away, ‘gard a fo dnik’ #1 hit song by the band, oops, backwards it is, yes, yes!

The Buckinghams. Susan/Foreign Policy. That was too easy. What do I win?

Ding, ding,ding, we have a winner, I knew someone could get it.

No prizes today, :( , but, don’t you feel super smart, like you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express?:D

Hey Yaz, my office mate got it yesterday without the extra clues, and according to Joel Whitburn it peaked at # 11 nationally. :)

Yeah Tom, I went to several websites looking up the chart position for Susan, The Buckinghams home page put it at #8. Guess I could look it up at Bilboard, Do they keep records that far back, LOL.

OK, next question, and, an easier one. :)

Moody Blues first hit? (And I mean, “first” on the planet, not the USA. :D

Who sang lead vocals, and wrote it.

And which Major band did he play with later on?

And, no looking the answer up on the Internet!

This is a test of what’s in your brain, not how fast you can access Yahoo! LOL


Hey, I did stay at a holiday inn express last night.

Famous quote: “If not for Google, I’d be an idiot”. :laugh:

LOL Brad!

Ali, “An easier one”?, geesh, don’t know the song, but I think maybe the guy could’a been Denny Laine, who later played with Ginger Baker’s Air Force, and then Paul and Wings? Was this like in '66?

Joel Whitburn’s book (actually one of several):…3435167